Hortus Ensemble

The Hortus Ensemble is the permanent ensemble of HortusFestival. The ensemble focuses on the authentic performance of chamber music from the 1850s untill 1950s, and is unique in the Netherlands doing so. The specific coloration of the antique instruments (zuch as the Erard pianoforte and gut strings) the ensemble plays on, is the starting point for the interpration of the music of this period in time.


Photo: Anne Meyer


History of HortusFestival

The festival brings about a liaison between music and nature. Therefore the programme consists always of composers from the Fin du Si├Ęcle, who were inspired by nature. Their compositions are performed on instruments from this period in time.

William Raaijman - the festival founder - was inspired by a the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus, which he visited frequently. He suddenly died in 2007.

HortusFestival is known for it's surprising combinations of locations and peculiar music. The concerts are intimiate: the audience sits close to the stage and there is always a meet-and-greet with the musicians.